Il Giardino’s journey to the other side of the world

As you probably know it wasn’t our first visit in the United States. We’ve been there two times before and this time was as special as the others. We met so many wonderful people in each place, and all the performances were exceptional, beautiful and exciting .

11863427_892454690831110_2944931277330926150_nOur trip started on September 25th 2015 in New York where we landed and spend couple of days, before our first concert in Rochester. In NYC we had time to enjoy the incredible energy of the Empire City, rehearse with the promissing young singer – contratenor – Jakub Józef Orliński, and eat some real big american burgers:) We found new place to dine, just in front of the New York Times main building called “Beer Authority”.

12043209_892734184136494_3784745457077170264_nRehearsing with Jakub was very fruitful, and he became a part of our team immediately.

12004021_894485123961400_8263377615125916502_nAll together we flew to Rochester on September 28th, where we met our host from last year’s Zbigniew Granat. He organized the concert at the Nazareth College and he brought a very big and relatively young audience who welcomed us very spontaneously and warm.

20150928_121322There we also had a pleasure to meet new American friends, who played with us at the concert – Deborah Fox (theorbo), Naomi Gregory (harpsichord) and Aika Ito (violin). Of course after a nice concert and enthusiastic feedback from the audience, we organized party for the students and some of the teachers, we all had a lot of fun. Thank you all for this wonderful time together in Rochester.


20150930_002857Our next stop was not too far away, about less than 2 hours drive, the city famous of delicious “buffalo wings”, where we arrived on the last day of September.

12074962_894572210619358_3055585910138754784_nI Buffalo we performed at the First Polish Music Festival which was organized by Mary Lou Wyrobek and Stefan Plewniak. The venue of two our concerts was a beautiful concert hall – Montante Cultural Center – part of Canisius College. Here also one more new friend – Malcolm Matthews, who joined us on the harpsichord.



We stayed in the hotel placed very close to the shopping center so you can figure it out what our girls were doing in the free time :D.
A very important part of our visit in Buffalo were also a master classes, where Stefan could share his knowledge about baroque music with students eager to get more and more information. Jakub and Kasia Cichoń also had an opportunity to teach students about the performance practice and some of the students performed with us in the final concert (congratulations!).


Mary Lou organized everything superb, so between the rehearsals, workshops, and concerts there was time to meet some local people, listen to the Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra, visit Niagara Falls (amazing! and wild!),

12115991_895548810521698_8003566350364034975_nand spend some time with all the organizers, who made our stay in Buffalo possible for us. Last day in East Coast we spend again in Rochester, where Malcolm took good care of us. Thanks to him in couple of hours we visited Eastman School of Music ( nr 1 in US ) museum, few churches with fantastic organs, and some nice cafés. So Malcolm thanks for showing us a little bit of this lovely city. We know Rochester better now;)

The weather on the east coast reminds the weather in Europe, so we were prepared for real autumn, rainy and windy days: warm coats, gloves(!), heats and boots. It was all about to change just in a couple of hours on the October 5th… Just when we arrived in LA!

12074681_899998106743435_3641327468233573588_nBecause of Santa Anna whether phenomenon – warm wave from Mexico,(thank you mother nature for that!) we had the best weather we could expect. Beautifully 37 degrees, clear blue sky, bright pleasant touch of the sun, incredible nature

3d41b04c-2686-4686-89cf-6c4485c39633– that all made us fall in love in San Diego and South California. Agata Nowakowska and her family, hosted us like a royal family, making our stay even more enjoyable and amazing.


08c32e3d-d5c1-4dbc-94c0-ce8127a7889fThe concert we played in San Diego was very successful. We had a pleasure to perform with the oboe and recorder player, Marianne Pfau. This concert attracted a lot of audience who filled the beautiful concert hall of Shiley Theater.


When writing about San Diego I cannot forget Janusz Supernak, our friend from last year.

7457003a-e496-4bc0-831d-c76539650e7eThanks to him we could be part of the Polish Festival where we performed just before Shiley Theatre. In short; San Diego is the best place on Earth, and we hope to perform there many times in the future.



Next stop – Boston. One whole week between October 12 and 19th. Completely different from what we experienced before in the US. This city is the most European we heard; interesting, open, diverse, with many traditions. The atmosphere made by our hosts and music colleagues was insanely warm and friendly. The first persons who gave their hearts on a plate, like we use to say, were Jim Nicolson and John Carey. We didn’t expect such a warm welcome – thank you! We played at the concert series of CSEM “Music by Candlelight” organized by Jim Nicolson, in cooperation with the amazing group Cambridge Concentus, led by David Kjar.


All together we had a great pleasure to perform five very interesting concerts in the Boston area, each of them with an unforgettable ambiance and anecdotes we will all remember for a long time. Meanwhile staying in Boston we had a chance to experience Boston night life with Leon Schelhasse (our beloved friend) and even went whale watching on a catamaran :):):)

Unfortunately as always… good things end too fast… So the last stop was New York. Our last concert on the October 25th in a church of St. Rose of Lima in Brooklyn, with Jakub Orliński and Amaia Arberas – soprano, was a perfect conclusion of our one month tour. Lukas Trocha organized a fantastic event, with an enthusiastic audience and unforgettably great after party. Here our hearts go to Wojtek “Elvis”, Sabinka Szczech, Mitch and Jolanta Gubernat; our beloved friends and companions who are so amazing that it’s impossible to describe it on paper.
There is no words to express our gratitude and special feelings we have for all the people that helped us during our tour in USA! The only thing we can say is THANK YOU and dedicate this short movie to all of them…
With love from us to you!

Author of the video : Sal Jr Rosales