Gluck – Orfeo ed Euridice Opera

Marzec 8, 2019
7:00 pm
Chamber Opera
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Orfeo – Artur Janda, Szymon Komasa

Euridice – Barbara Zamek, Maria Domżoł

Amor – Eliza Safjan, Sylwia Stępień

Orchestra – Warsaw Chamber Opera

Conductor – Stefan Plewniak

Orpheus and Eurydice is one of my favorite myths because it tells about love that overcomes death. Orpheus is a character who can divine hellish apparitions with divine singing. He is an incomparable artist and a heroic lover.
The myth itself raises the most existential questions for humanity about love, death, and what is the most beautiful in it, that authentic grace and love can be overcome the door of death, and even more, return from the underworld with a loved one.
The subtle content of immortality and our perceptions of what happens to us after death makes the Gluck opera set on a very strong pedestal. Gluck, in a very innovative way, bends over his characters Orpheus, Eurydice, and Cupid, constructing the opera in such a way that they have time for spiritual change, dilemmas, internal struggle, fall, and finally victory.
My favorite fragments of the opera are moving mourning choirs in the first act; conquering the fury of hell that opens Orpheus through the gates of hell at the beginning of the second act. Arkadia’s aria Orpheus, delighted by the beauty of Elysium, where Eurydice lives. The masterful scene of leading Eurydice by Orpheus to the hellish trail; their conversation, and real, drawn questions, doubts and curiosity from Eurydice’s lips, and at the same time men’s determination and adherence to the oath in Orpheus’s attitude, leading to a marital quarrel in the third act and consequently the final course of events that gets confused to lead to an unexpected triumph.
The opera has great drama, rapid action and many moving, suspenseful moments.
I am looking forward to carrying out this work and working with such a great team of sound engineers. I wish all viewers awaiting the first premiere of this year, 2019, many wonderful impressions and thrills.

Stefan Plewniak